City Hall
1 West New Jersey Avenue
Somers Point, NJ 08244
Telephone: 609-927-9088 X-141
Cell: 609-650-1202
Fax: 609-926-0536
Office Hours: 9:00am ~ 5:00pm - Monday ~ Friday (Excluding Holidays)

Pay On-Line

You can now pay your tax and sewer bills on-line.
Click here to go to the
payment page.

Lisa King, CTC Tax Collector
609-927-9088 x126
Emerald L. Hornig, CTC/RMC/CMR, Deputy Tax Collector
609-927-9088 x125
Donna Heiler, Tax and Sewer Clerk
609-927-9088 x198

Tax Collection

Taxes are due on the following dates:

February 1st
May 1st
August 1st
November 1st

There is a grace period of 10 days on tax payments. If the 10th day falls on a weekend or holiday, that period is extended to the first working day after the 10th day of the month. Interest on unpaid taxes is calculated on a daily basis.