Contact: Community Education Recreation: 609-927-2053 X-3101

The Recreation Commission oversees the use and development of recreational programs and facilities within Somers Point. This Commission consists of seven regular members appointed by the Mayor.

The Recreation Commission generally meets the 1st Thursday of each month in City Hall starting at 7:00pm. Requests must be made to the Recreation Commission in writing by 3:00pm one week prior to the next scheduled meeting.

Recreation Commission Members: Year 2020

Donna Shields
December 31, 2021
Paul Huber, Jr.
December 31, 2020
Brandon Adams
December 31, 2021
Dawn Lovenduski
December 31, 2024
Chris Marshall
December 31, 2022
Matt Endicott
December 31, 2023
Michael Stewart
December 31, 2023


City Council Representative: Dennis Tapp
Community Educator & Recreation Director: Sydney Perkins

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